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-----26 Aug 2017 KLSW -----
Speed tests
They should only be run on network you own, and are not in use. Other wise you run the risk of ticking off the network owner and degrading the performance for everyone that is trying to work. Besides if the network is being used by other people, the report will not provide useful information. It requires 100 percent of the bandwidth available, to show accurate results. Translation if your visiting a hotel, plane, a camp ground, a friend what not, DON’T run a speed test.

Valid times to run a speed test, when you suspect something is wrong with your own network. When you add or change equipment or providers. To validate your speed you are paying for is what your getting (remember NO one can be using the network, to get accurate results).

-----28 Dec 2016 KLSW -----
The click NEXT sites.  Don't be fooled, they are selling you each and every time you click next.  More ad revenue, more ways to infect your computer, more ways to make money off of you, yes YOU, the commodity.   For your own piece of mind and the safety of your computer, don't click the next.  The authors of the website could have made it all on one simple page, not 20 or more.  Each time you click next they download more stuff / garbage to your computer.  Be very cautious of the Click -bait sites.

-----6 Jan 2016 KLSW -----
Friends don't bring their XP machines to your network.  It is just not safe to bring an unprotected statistically likely infected machine, to a friends home.  It is akin to bringing someone with a virus to a sleepover.  Depending on the virus in question you could just get a cold or Ebola.  Sure you might survive it, but who wants to get sick?    Or another way to look at it, would you bring a dog foaming at the mouth to a friends house?  Especially knowing the dog had been in the forest with rabies infected squirrels biting it. 5 years after the dogs rabies vaccination expired?

-----30 Dec 2015 KLSW -----
If your computer is asking to reboot, it is best not to put it off.  Chances are it is mid update and not in the most stable condition.  Meaning it is far more likely to crash, until reboot allowing updates to fully install.

-----20 Nov 2015 KLSW -----
Windows 10 is pretty much ready for prime time.  Double check all of your devices are compatible however, before installing.  Such as your printers, scanners and other devices that might be attached.  They might not have Windows 10 drivers available, even if your computer is up to running Windows 10.

-----25 July 2015 KLSW -----
Do not upgrade to Windows 10.  At least, not right away.  Let others beta test it for you.   When the kinks are worked out, and before the year time limit is up; that will be the time to upgrade.

-----28 June 2015 KLSW -----
Don't waste paper.  Most people are perfectly happy with an electronic copy.  Paper is considered wasteful and akin to handing someone garbage.  Unless it is something very sentimental, examples being hand written notes,  love letters, maybe a poem?

-----27 June 2015 KLSW -----
Sending a picture via text messaging is fast and easy.  Problem is it automatically lowers down the resolution of the picture.  Translation, if you want to blow it up on a full size screen it will be fuzzy compared to if someone emailed the same picture to you.

-----1 April 2015 KLSW -----
Don't download a program to get coupons.  If a website / company requires you to install specialty software to get coupons, chancers are you are being infected with Adware.  Which will make your computer slower and allow your activities (such as online banking, Facebook, etc.) to be tracked and recorded.

-----20 October 2014 KLSW-----
Remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  You pay for everything in one aspect or another.  Facebook you are the commodity that is for sale.  Same goes for almost any social networking site.  The free screen saver is probably fishing for information on your computer and sending it to some undisclosed recipient, that is now doing banking in your name.

-----1 July 2014 KLSW-----
Don't send anyone money.  Truly there are no Nigerian queens or kings on Facebook/MySpace or even email for that matter.  Even if the request seems legit, looks like it came from your family member.  Double check with them, talk with them direct.  Don't depend on email, it can be hijacked.  Text them, call them, talk to them in person; confirm the method of sending the money.  I have had good luck using PayPal.  Make sure by checking in the browsers page information that you are actually on a trusted site.  Heck type the URL http://paypal.com manually instead of following a link.  LINKS can deceive.

-----24 June 2014 KLSW -----
Make sure to keep your software up to date.  Being careful to confirm the updates are legit.  Hackers will try to get you to download "updates" that are really Virus's and other Malwares. 

-----24 May 2014 KLSW-----
Get an antivirus.  If you think you are immune to virus's, think again.  I use Avast, AVG, Spybot, Kaspersky, Trendmicro.  All depends on the clients needs and current infestation level on which one I choose. Sometimes more then one, but you need to know which of them can get along together.  Use your tools wisely, if in doubt, contact kward@wardcomputer.com

-----28 April 2014, KLSW-----
When watching videos online, never download the free video player upgrade.  Chances are it really is a virus or malware of some kind.  Only download software from trusted reliable websites.  For example go straight to http://Adobe.com for Flash Player.
-----27 April 2014,  KLSW-----
Have you backed up your computer lately?  Remember, don't trust your system not to fail.  Chances are your computer WILL crash; of course when you least expect it. 

Don't just keep your backup right next to the computer, think Fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, divorce well you get the picture.

    I suggest Idrive.com.  It is the offsite backup service that I use personally. 
    For extra important documents and pictures I email myself a copy and keep it in a special folder on yahoo.com .
    I also use backup DVD's for extra piece of mind.  The DVD's I store in my RV, that way I have them when I need them. 
    OneDrive is built into Windows 8 and works like a charm.

PS. None of the companies mentioned here have paid me anything to place their website links.

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