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WardComputer is going through some changes, including a new name of Prime Technological.  

The new official website is https://www.primetechnological.com



Windows 10 giving you headaches?
Need help upgrading from Windows XP ; perhaps copying your valuable data to a new machine?

I can service your Windows, Linux or Mac system; from setup to repair.

As a very capable technician I can help you with your network, internet, email, routers, Dsl, Wifi and Cabling.

Pleasure to help with installing hard drives, DVD drives, printers, scanners, cameras, organizers, video cards, sound cards, power supplies, memory.

No VirusHere to do Virus removals, system tune ups, clean up the dust from inside your machine.

Setup your Windows or Linux server machine; for hosting your own email, website and other files, on site or remote.

Work with you to help create a website that can be hosted by a company of your choosing.

Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  Let me help your website get on the internet map.

I can help fix what can and will go wrong with your PC!